Episode 1: Born To Be Wild

Momma Wild gets pregnant unexpectantly and finds herself giving birth in a unwanted place


Episode 2: Fuzzy Cant Drive

Learning how to drive is normal for any 18 year old right?! WRONG Fuzzy just cant seem to pass her driving test at all but with the help of Momma wild and her sister Karla maybe she can


Episode 3: Fuzzys Feet

When Fuzzy comes in from a long day of a workout Momma wild doesn't approve of the smells that is given


Episode 4: Spring Stink

Spring fever great time for allergies and hay fever and Fuzzy has a unexpected visitor in the car with her


Episode 5:  Fuzzys First Shave

When you decide to try to be a girly girl things get carried away


Episode 6: Karlas Obsession 

The one thing everyone in the house noticed was Karla having a huge unwanted obsession


Episode 7: Fuzzy Goes to Prom

fuzzy decides to bring a date for prom and momma wild isn't having it


Episode 8:  Fuzzy does Homework 

Fuzzy cant seem to get her homework right especially when momma wild is helping her


Episode 9: Shhhhh

Fuzzy Just cant seem to do her studies in the library like she would want to cause of an unexpected person


Episode 10: Hash Browns

Fuzzy Gets introduced to some Hash browns from Karla for the very first time!